​It began with a simple tweet, and now the internet is going wild over the idea of ​Rihanna possibly having her first child.

On Thursday, a Twitter account called "STAN NEWZ" posted a tweet claiming the singer posted an Instagram announcing she was pregnant, with the baby expected on June 5, 2019. 

The tweet has nearly 6k retweets and 15k likes. The rumor spread like wildfire and led to many fans having baby fever, and looking to follow in the ​nine-time Grammy Award-winner's alleged footsteps.

Despite all the online attention the rumor has received, some are wondering why entire internet is not freaking out. 

​​Well, the simple answer is, it's untrue. A simple click on the account's profile that started this rumor will prove the page spreads false news and even calls itself a parody account in the profile bio.

And even if the account claimed it was legitimate, the screenshot it posted, which appears to be from ​Rih's Instagram page, can easily be disproved if you go the singer's page, where there are no posts about a baby being on the way.

Luckily, some accounts are dedicated to debunking the rumor. 

Hopefully, the lesson learned here is to not believe everything you read on Twitter, even if it has thousands of retweets.