​Not many people remember the late 1990s Fox drama 'Party of Five.' Airing from 1994-2000, the show was about a family of five siblings as they attempt to grapple with the repercussions of losing their parents in a car crash. The siblings, who ranged from 24 years old to one, were tasked with keeping each other alive and safe as well as maintaining the family restaurant.

According to ​Variety, the Disney-owned platform Freeform ordered a pilot for a reboot of the series in September and is now starting to gain traction. First things first, they've restructured the premise of the show. Instead of the siblings losing their parents to a car crash, they are a family of Mexican immigrants whose parents have been deported. Second things second, they've cast '​13 Reasons Why' actor Brandon Larracuente.


Larracuente, who played the doomed ​Jeff on the Netflix show, has been cast as one of the sibling along with Emily Tosta, Niko Guardado and Elle Paris Legaspi. It is unclear if there will be a fifth sibling to round out the analogue to the original cast or if this will instead be 'Party of Four,' but it has been revealed that their surname will be Buendia. 

​Larracuente will reportedly be playing one of the eldest of the siblings named Emilio. According to the character description, he is "an aspiring musician and the oldest son of Gloria and Javier Buendía. Emilio is the reason his parents crossed the Mexican border into the United States nearly twenty-five years ago in hopes of a better life."

Details on a possible release date are not known at this time.