Horror fans waited nearly a decade to see ​Michael Myers return to the big screen, and have finally gotten to see the knife-wielding serial killer return in an exhilarating and frightening new movie.

The nine-year wait for a new Halloween movie was the longest in the series' history, and it did not disappoint not only in quality, but also at the box office. 

In North America, ​the movie earned $77.5 million when it launched in 3,928 locations. It's the second-highest October debut in history, only behind this year's Venom. 

This performance also obliterated the previous opening record the series had, which was $26 million for Rob Zombie's polarizing 2007 remake.

“I am enormously proud of this film,” producer Jason Blum said in a statement. “‘Halloween’ brings the franchise back to life in a fresh, relevant and fun way that is winning over fans and critics alike.” 

While the number is high - ​it exceeded the expected $65 million box office performance - it comes as no surprise that fans wanted to see the movie. Not only was the film a direct sequel to the first movie, which is easily the most acclaimed one in the series' history, but the film also saw ​Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her iconic role as Laurie Strode.

Fans are praising Curtis for her masterful performance as the PTSD-suffering, but incredibly brave, Laurie.

​​Along with Curtis' return was also ​John Carpenter's, who came on board as the executive producer, his first involvement in the series since 1981's Halloween 2. 

Obviously, there's still time to see the new movie, which we promise is worth your money and the praise it's already receiving.