​Season 3 of Riverdale is officially back on The CW, and some seriously bizarre stuff happened at the end of the premiere. 


The episode ends with Betty Cooper, played by Lili Reinhart, collapsing and seizing. However, we're a little fuzzy on what happened in the few moments in the scene before this happens. Earlier in the episode, we find out that Betty's mother, Alice, and her sister, Polly, have joined a cult called The Farm.


While that's all messed up and doesn't sit well with Betty, she has some secrets of her own. Betty has been lying about going to therapy and has instead been self-medicating with illegally-obtained Adderall.

In the last scene of the episode, Betty comes home and hears Alice and Polly chanting outside with farm members around a fire. Polly holds one of her twins over the flames, while Alice holds the other.


Then, Alice and Polly both seem to drop the babies, but the twins bounce back and float. What!?

Betty, watching from her balcony, collapses and starts seizing. However, when Alice and Polly run over to her, the twins are nowhere in sight, making us think Betty was imagining them there the whole time. 

Mirror brings up the idea that Betty may have been suffering from an Adderall-Induced hallucination. Considering Archie had visions of some nature earlier in the episode, Betty hallucinating definitely can't be ruled out.

Be sure to tune in for the rest of ​Riverdale Season 3 to see what happens with Betty next.