​New photos and videos from the Spider-Man: Far From Home set reveal that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be sporting a new suit in the upcoming film.

A video shared on Instagram shows ​Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, and Zendaya, who plays MJ, shooting what looks to be a rescue scene in New York City today near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden.

​​Spider-Man is wearing a new, black and red suit with a prominent white spider logo on his back. This is a distinct connection to the suit in the new Spider-Man video game, in which Peter Parker/Spider-Man gets a suit upgrade with a white spider insignia on the back, just like in the above video.

As for what's going on in the scene, Comic Book raises an interesting theory. Based on the look MJ gives Spider-Man upon their landing, could this possibly be the moment when she learns about Peter's secret double-life? 

Sadly, we'll have to wait to find out the reason behind Zendaya's side eye until Spider Man: Far From Home hits theaters in July 2019.