​Unconfirmed newlyweds ​Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin reportedly have a set of matching tattoos. 

On Monday, a fan took to Twitter to share the news of another fan meeting Hailey, and supposedly spotting a "J" tattoo representative of her fiancé/​possibly now-husband, Justin. The tweet reads, "omg a fan who met hailey yesterday told me that she has a 'J' tattoo on her finger. it’s a white tattoo and it’s near the ring. how cute!!!"

​​We haven't seen any close up photos of Hailey's ring finger as of late, but other fans are claiming that Justin also has a matching white ink "H" tattoo.

​​Maybe Justin and Hailey got those tattoos in place of wedding bands to symbolize their alleged marriage. The tattoos would be cool, but all we really want is for them to ​confirm or deny whether they're actually husband and wife!