​Kim Kardashian's recent ​Instagram post of her and five-year-old daughter, North West, has led to the reality star being mom-shamed...again.

The reality star's photo with her oldest daughter received a lot of backlash because North is wearing makeup in the photo, and as the caption reads, is clearly "dressed to impress." 

​​​According to Life&Style Magazine, haters took to Kim's comments, saying things like, "why's your daughter wearing makeup? She's too young." 

Another mom-shamer wrote a lengthy comment, saying: 

"I don't care what anyone says. Dressing this kid up, making her be 'fashionable,' makeup and hair to go out is too much at five years old. Yes, I played with makeup as a kid, BUT I was at home. And no one forced me to be fashionable at five. Let's teach our kids that there are more important things than the way they look."

This wave of backlash is just one of the many times Kim's been faced criticism when it comes to her parenting decisions. In her most recent tussle ​with mom-shaming prior, Kim was accused of showing North favoritism over her other two kids, Saint and Chicago.

Shortly before, Kim was shamed for letting North play with her makeup, as she attempted to give herself a contour look, then later seen in the car wearing lipstick. Kim put the shaming to rest by explaining that it was easier to just let North wear a little bit of makeup to "get her out the door" than to have a struggle about it.

Honestly, these Instagram trolls should just parent the way they think is best for their own children, and let Kim do Kim.