​Rightly called the most ambitious crossover in media history, '​Avengers: Infinity War,' bragged in its marketing that virtually every single character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have to join together in order to defeat the film's villain, the mad Titan Thanos. In a crazy twist ending, even the combined might of most of Marvel's heroes was not enough to stop Thanos's scheme to wipe out half the universe.

However, Marvel fans noticed a strange phenomenon upon repeat viewings, according to ​Reddit. Turns out every Avenger and Guardian of the Galaxy got to have a go at Thanos except for one. Rocket Raccoon never got to engage with ​Thanos directly, as he spent the majority of the film traveling with Thor to Nidavellir, only joining the war towards the end of the film and then staying on the battlefield, away from the specific fight with Thanos.


While some fans chock this up to a logistical error, others have developed theories that maybe Rocket knew his weaponry would be ineffective against the genocidal alien and stuck to the more conventional fight. It also has sparked interest as Rocket was the only member of the Guardians of the Galaxy not to be disintegrated by Thanos's snap, indicating that perhaps the alien was not as unbiased as he claimed. 

Either way, Rocket will no doubt be of huge importance to the upcoming and untitled 'Avengers 4.' Not only is he one of the few heroes to survive the events of '​Infinity War,' but he lost his entire extended family in one swoop, essentially ending his well-plotted character arc.