​After weeks of ​publicly taking hits at Nicki Minaj following their fight at New York Fashion Week, Cardi B has finally explained why she started the physical altercation in the first place. 

Cardi B recently sat for an interview with W Magazine, where she talked about her ongoing feud with Nicki. She shared, "For a while now she's been taking a lot of shots at me...I spoke to her twice before and we came to an understanding but she kept it going."

Apparently, ​Cardi started that fight with Nicki during NYFW because Nicki allegedly liked then unliked a tweet that slammed Cardi's parenting abilities. Nicki has since denied doing so, but that didn't stop Cardi from throwing hands...and shoes. 

Cardi explained: 

"I love my daughter I'm a good ass f*****g mom so for somebody who don't have a child to like that comment...so many people want to say that party wasn't the time or place but I'm not going to catch another artist at the grocery store or down the block." 

Since the NYFW fight, ​Nicki and Cardi haven't been in contact with each other, besides social media posts towards one another, shady photos and passive aggressive merchandise lines. 

The two rappers avoided each other during Milan fashion week, and were supposed to be at the same venue last night for the American Music Awards, but Nicki was seemingly a no-show.