​The high-profile whirlwind romance between Pete Davidson and ​Ariana Grande has left the world pretty speechless over the course of the last few months. While it's fine the two are taking things pretty fast, apparently some fans were under the impression that the celeb couple hadn't been careful and had skipped over a few traditional steps in their relationship, jumping straight into the realm of ​parenthood.

Thankfully, Grande was happy to ​put such rumors to bed with an Instagram selfie she took with a crib in the background. "once again that is for my pig i still do not have a secret child," she captioned the post. This isn't the first time Grande has had to put down pregnancy rumors, but given her famously petite form, it'd be hard to hide it if she ever was. 

The photo comes on the heels of a previous post which first showed the crib to her fans, who immediately jumped to the conclusion that Grande was baby-proofing her home. The singer added to the rumors by joking that the crib was for her "secret child duh." It seems not all her fans realized that Grande was exercising her signature brand of sarcastic humor and needed clarification.


Davidson and ​Grande adopted the teacup pig, who they named Piggy Smalls, back in September, adding it to Ariana's collection of ten dogs, including one she inherited from her late former boyfriend Mac Miller.