Last week, rumors circulated that the full title of Avengers 4 was Avengers: Annihilation. On Friday, Oct. 6, Mark Ruffalo appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he seemingly revealed the actual title of Avengers 4, and gave away some additional spoilers.

Ruffalo is no stranger to leaking spoilers. The actor himself admitted he basically ​gave away the whole ending of Avengers: Infinity War while doing press with Don Cheadle, so it's not entirely surprising that he'd do it again. 

Fallon asked Ruffalo if he could give away any information about the film, so long as it wouldn't get him in trouble with Marvel. Ruffalo told Fallon the title of the film and supposedly one of Hulk's scenes, but unfortunately everything he said was bleeped out.

Luckily for us, one determined Avengers fan decoded what Ruffalo said by editing out the bleeping and revealing the supposed title. 

Anton Volkov tweeted out the edited audio of Ruffalo, saying, "this might not actually be the real #Avengers4 title BUT: put the audio from the Fallon/Ruffalo interview into Audition and tried removing the bleep using the spectrogram editor. THE LAST AVENGER is what was said."

CBR makes a good point saying that The Last Avenger is a logical contender for the official Avengers 4 title considering many of the original Avengers actors are ​saying goodbye to their characters and we could see a new team assembling by the end of the film. 

However, we still are leaning towards the possibility that Ruffalo's "leak" was simply a stunt agreed on by Marvel Studios. For now, nothing has been confirmed regarding the title.