​The Kardashian-Jenner ​clan are no strangers to Photoshop nor Photoshop fails, and KKW Beauty's own, Kim Kardashian, just got caught majorly editing her latest beauty promo.

Kim's been called out for Photoshopping her photos before, and her recent photo to promote her new line of Ultra Light Beams eyeshadow and lip gloss is no different.

​​There's nothing really noticeably wrong with this photo, other than the shadow on Kim's arm making it look weirdly morphed. The KKW Beauty creator would've easily gotten away with her minor Photoshop job if ​her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, hadn't posted the same photo with a slightly different look.

​​Can't decipher the difference? Take a closer ​look at KKW's eyes. In the photo Kim posted, her eyes are so light they're basically hazel, but in the photo Chris posted, they're the natural chocolate brown color that Kim's eyes actually are. Instagram account ​@CelebFace was quick to call out the reality star.

Here's another photo of Kim's eyes for reference.

Kim's Photoshop "fail" is super minor compared to the Kardashians miraculously all becoming the same height in their Keeping Up With the Kardashians promo, or Kourtney Kardashian losing all of the density in her forearm for their Calvin Klein photoshoot. 

Nevertheless, if KKW wants her Photoshop editing jobs to go under the radar, she'll have to be a bit more mindful of consistency in order to pull a fast one on the hawk-eyed Kardashian fans.