The fifth and final season of Gotham is set to include another major Batman villain, as exciting details were revealed on Oct. 8 at New York Comic Con.

​It was announced last month that Shane West was cast as a mystery villain in the series, and now we know he will play Eduardo Dorrance, a.k.a. Bane! His character served in the Army with Jim Gordon, and is set to return to Gotham to help Gordon with the city's crime and law, along with an elite team of soldiers.

According to ​Yahoo!, however, Gordon will soon learn "Dorrance’s true intentions in Gotham are much darker and more evil than he could have believed.” This could be amazing if done right.

West follows Tom Hardy's portrayal of the muscular villain in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. Although it's surely a tough act to follow, we can't wait to see what the 40-year-old actor brings to the role.

Gotham returns in 2019.