Season 3 of Riverdale returns tomorrow (!!!), and it seems like the showrunners and cast are still dropping ​hints and ​teasers on what's to come. For the latest, ​Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie McCoy, took to Instagram to share a possible ​new romance for the third season.

​In the photo, Josie is sitting next to Sweet Pea, one of the Southside Serpents, poolside. They look extremely flirty, sitting very closely and looking into each other's eyes with very animated faces. "you know I’m insane with the game, with the game game game," Murray captioned the shot.

Obviously, fans have been freaking out at this possible reveal. Could Josie really be with Sweet Pea? It doesn't really look like her relationship with Chuck Clayton is going to work out, but a Serpent? As hard as it is to believe, this seems like the case!

Many commented on her post, with some very excited and some just against the possibility. "SWEET PEA AND JOSIE I’M HERE FOR IT!!," one wrote, while another added, "THE COUPLE WE WERE WAITING FOR." But a third commented, "Nooo i don’t ship it."

Murray has obviously seen all the comments, and has taken to Twitter to poke fun at us fans. 

​Clearly making fun of the freak out, Murray posted the photo again.

If Josie and Sweet Pea don't start a romantic relationship, there definitely has to be at least some harmless flirting going on here. Thankfully, we won't have to wait long to find out! Riverdale returns Oct. 10 at 8PM EST.