​It's an established fact in Hollywood that directors like to work with actors they know. Teams like Johnny Depp and Tim Burton work together so much and know each other so well, that their partnership can often bring out the best in both of them. That's probably why 'Star Wars: Episode IX' director J.J. Abrams was so open to the idea of letting his old friends Keri Russell and ​Dominic Monaghan get in on the action.

Monaghan in particular was apparently so excited about the project, that he was the first one on set when filming began last month. Something of a late addition to the cast, ​Monaghan is still under the same rules as his castmates when it comes to divulging information to the press, but did go a step further than anyone else by discussing to what extent he plays into the film.


"[J.J. Abrams] had said to me that at some point I'd get the opportunity to read the script," ​Monaghan said. "He said, 'Just be aware of the fact that there are massive sequences in Act 2, there are massive sequences in Act 3, but because we're shooting Act 1 first, I've put you in there and you seem to not be around as much in Act 2 and Act 3, but that's because that's what we're doing first so I want you here, I want you invested."

"'So read the script, but just know there won't be long until there'll be a re-draft of those things and we'll see you a little bit more.' So I read it, and the script is amazing and obviously there's not a lot I can say," the actor added. Sounds like ​Monaghan's character will be around to set up the action but won't play a big part in the resulting follow through. Still, he gets to be in a 'Star Wars' movie, which is pretty much every actor's dream.