​The question of why the ​Kardashian-Jenner clan fights so much is pretty simple: it makes them millions of dollars. But several fans have been asking them questions about why the three primary sisters of their famous show, Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney, always rehash their various feuds on Twitter after their show airs, even though the individual episodes are filmed months in advance.

Fortunately, the almighty, in his infinite wisdom, sent us ​Kim Kardashian herself to answer these fans. Her explanation? "When you watch it, you get heated all over again," she said on the Pretty Big Deal With Ashley Graham podcast. "We literally start fighting all over again over the same thing."


And of course, the fact that they get paid for their social media presence and that it helps to spread and cement their brand has absolutely nothing to do with it. Granted, Kim's explanation is pretty clever all things considered. On the other hand, it's hard to believe that issues which were resolved months ago could be dredged up by something as trivial as a reality show.

To be fair, while the ​Kardashians might have dealt with this stuff a long time ago, fans of their show are experiencing these events for the first time and might be pointing out new angles and perspectives to the cast which might give them a new reason to wake up sleeping dogs.