There were long discussions about saliva on the set of the recently released movie Venom. ​The amount of spit that should come from the symbiote's tongue dominated much of the filmmakers' discourse.

"Sometimes they'd go overboard and we'd have to pull them back and other times we'd have to say, 'What happened to the saliva?'" ​director Ruben Fleischer recalled. "There's hundreds and hundreds of shots of Venom and every single one we'd have to figure out what was right for that shot." 

The tongue's appearance has garnered a lot of attention online, including some pretty NSFW posts.

​Fleischer clearly understood the interest in the tongue when working on the film. "When you have such a big, beastly, scary-looking monster, having that tongue kind of disarms him and I think that's why in the comics it exists," he shared.

The film's director also spoke about the tongue's creation and the process of selecting one. 

"They must have done 20 different versions of a tongue with different lengths and shapes and curves and you kind of just plug them in and seen how they feel until you kind of just land on one that you think is right," Fleischer said. "It definitely was a process but it's such an important aspect of the character that you have to get it right." 

As for why the tongue is so long in the first place, it was all an accident, actually. Artist Erik Larsen believed Venom creator Todd McFarlane once drew a paperback cover with a huge tongue. 

"I determined to take it a step further, I gave Venom an even bigger, crazier tongue -- not realizing that Todd didn't do anything special or unusual with his tongue at all," Larsen explained in a ​Facebook post.

Venom is out in theaters now!