Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell's miscarriage was one of the saddest moment in Teen Mom history. Her husband, ​Tyler Baltierra, was understandably devastated by it. 

However, the couple is now ​pregnant again, and Tyler admits he was not "over the moon" when he first heard about it. 

"I didn't cry... I was shocked!" ​he told Kate Casey on her "Reality Life" podcast.

Baltierra said he initially believed it was ill-timed to bring a third baby into the family, especially since Cate was gone for six months this year in treatment for her depression.

"That situation was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be," he said. "I thought 'great, she's back home, it's going to be back to normal.' But while she was gone I kind of got into my groove. I had a routine, and then, not to say I didn't miss her, but when she came back it was like a big ol' pump the brakes on everything I had going on." 

"[Cate] just got out of treatment. We were not ready for a baby, we were preventing it at all costs," he continued. 

Nevertheless, he believes everything happens for a reason, so the soon-to-be born baby is a blessing.

"The fact that it happened while using protection... it was the universe saying this baby was meant to be born," he said. "It was a big shock to me. I won't say that I was over-the-moon excited, but after a while you get excited and happy about it."

After the difficult year they've been through, we hope Cate and Tyler have a beautiful and healthy baby.