​​​Stranger Thin​gs Season 3 may not arrive until next summer, but that does not mean we will need to wait that long for further content. It was announced in June that the first Stranger Things novel was in the works.

And one of the most important plots to the show-- ​Eleven's origin story-- will be fully told in the spin-off novel. "Suspicious Minds," written by Gwenda Bond, is set for release in February, and will reveal how Eleven's mother became involved in the program.

It will also show Brenner introducing Eleven's "sister" Eight, also known as Kali, a character introduced in Season 2, as a new arrival to his laboratory. 

A new extract from the book, published in its entirety yesterday by Entertainment Weekly, is set at the height of the Cold War in 1969, and shows Dr. Brenner attempting to justify his controversial methods.

"The Agency understood greatness couldn’t always follow standard operating procedure," a section reads. "The Russians might be able to have their labs acknowledged by their government, but they were willing to suppress all the voices who would speak out in opposition."

"Somewhere right now the communists’ scientists were doing the same type of experiments... Brenner’s employers would be reminded of this whenever they forgot or had too many questions. So his work remained a top priority," the excerpt continues.

We are thrilled abo the first Stranger Things novel, mostly because it will give us something awesome focus on during the wait for Season 3.