​Kailyn Lowry is not known to skimp on the ​intimate details of her life, as the Teen Mom 2 star has shared her personal issues, triumphs, and everyday ups and downs with fans over the years. We always commend her honesty, and her new admission about one of her exes is seriously wild.

Besides her toxic relationship with ex-husband and second baby daddy Javi Marroquin, Kail also had a pretty terrible experience with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez. Reports have claimed in the past that Chris was abusive during their relationship, and it seems Kail has confirmed that in her new book A Letter of Love.

In her book, Kail details giving birth to her and Chris' son Lux, and how they tried to work things out afterwards. However, "it only lasted for about a month," she writes. She goes on to explain how toxic their relationship was in the six weeks following Lux's birth, when she was "hurt in so many ways."


“I’ve had my bedroom window broken while my baby was asleep with me in the room. My back door had been broken while all of my kids were home," Kailyn writes. And besides being physical, Chris was also very verbally abusive, allegedly.

“I’ve had s**t about me told to my children," Kail says. "I don’t care if the baby is sex weeks or six years old, a dad should not talk down about the mother of his child.”

However, as damming as Chris' actions were, they've seemingly found a way to work past their problems and appear to be on good terms now. For Lux's first birthday in August, Kail threw a party which Chris attended. Many were confused as to why they were together, but we're glad there's seemingly peace between the exes.

What's also shocking is the fact that Chris is supporting Kail with her new book, and is even promoting it on Twitter! 

Well, at least he reacted better than ​Javi did!