​It's that time again; the time each month when ​Netflix does a mini purge of its content and makes up for it by adding new TV shows and movies. 

What's in store for Oct.? With spooky season in full swing, Netflix has a promising lineup of horror films just in time for Halloween. Here's a list of all of the new series and movies that are coming to Netflix next month.

The Shining (Oct. 1)

Truth or Dare (Oct. 3)

Operation Finale (Oct. 3)

Dancing Queen (Oct. 3)

Elite, Season 1 (Oct. 3)

Creeped Out, Season 1 (Netflix Original Series, Oct. 4)

The Haunting of Molly Hartley (Oct. 4)

Malevolent (Netflix Original Film, Oct. 5)

(Trailer not released yet).

Big Mouth, Season 2 (Oct. 5)

Little Things, Season 2 (Oct. 5)

Private Life (Oct. 5)

22 July (Oct. 10)

Apostle (Oct. 12)

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, Season 1 (Oct. 12)

(Trailer not released yet).

The Haunting of Hill House, Season 1 (Oct. 12)

The Kindergarten Teacher (Oct. 12)

Daredevil​Season 3 (Oct. 19)

Bodyguard (Oct. 24)

Castlevania, Season 2 (Oct. 26)

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 1 (Oct. 26)

Get your popcorn ready, it's going to be a great month for binging.