​Die-hard Marvel fans' biggest fear is film adaptations not staying true to its history, namely the comics. However, it seems fans do not have to be afraid of that occurring in the ​upcoming Venom movie.

Tom Hardy, who plays Eddie Brock in the movie, ​told reporters at a press conference in Moscow this past Friday that the movie remains faithful to the Marvel Comics.

"The depiction of Venom, I think, has been extremely faithful to the comics," he said. "If we look at some of the images directly from comic book, they haven't deviated in any."

"If anything they've recreated certain elements accurately from comics book," Hardy, who is signed on for three Venom movies, said. 

The British actor also went in-depth on his approach to the character, and the challenges of portraying Brock/Venom the way fans expect. 

"Me as a relative amateur to this world... I don’t come with the legacy of knowledge that someone who loves Venom will have," Hardy said. "So there’s a huge pressure to a degree-- rightly so-- to present to the audience that this has been taken into account. That we have done our due diligence and I am going to observe and reflect faithfully as best possible within the infrastructure that is Venom."

The highly-anticipated movie is set for release on Oct. 5.