​Fans were given their first look at ​Joaquin Phoenix as Joker on Friday, and his makeup looks as creepier than anyone could have imagined. 

More footage and photos of Phoenix as the Joker are being released seemingly everyday now. New footage from this weekend shows Phoenix being the cause of what sounds like an explosion in a subway, as citizens scamper around anxiously searching for safety. 

His smirk as he walks away is brilliant. 

​​The filming went down inside an NYC subway station in Uptown, Manhattan.

Fans have been a bit mixed on Phoenix as Joker, but for some, the clip is enough to convince them he was the right choice. 

The new movie ​​will follow Arthur Fleck's journey from a struggling stand-up comedian to the infamous Joker. Last week, TMZ released ​footage of Phoenix as Fleck on set. 

​​Announced co-stars for the movie include Robert De Niro and ​Marc Maron, among others. It is set for an October 2019 release, just in time for Halloween.