​While Disney has steadfastly insisted that their encroaching streaming service is not designed specifically to kill the Netflix niche markets, they've certainly done very little in the way of proving it. Apart from the gradual loss of most of ​Disney's extended content on the original online platform, Netflix will undoubtedly start losing customers due to Disney's proposed original content.

​Variety recently reported these original works will include limited live-action series set in Disney's industry redefining Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will focus on ​Loki and Scarlet Witch. According to the original document, each show will contain six to eight episodes and be shot and budgeted as feature-length films. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is expected to take a direct interest in the projects.


Due to the series's proposed budgets and Disney's previously demonstrated commitment to pour all the money in the world into their streaming projects (they've already green-lit Jon Favreau's proposed $100 million live-action 'Star Wars' series), it's not unreasonable to expect that Tom Hiddleston and ​Elizabeth Olsen will reprise their film roles for the shows. 

While Disney has made no official comment confirming or denying the report, it is also believed these shows will fall under the purview of Marvel Studios as opposed to Marvel TV, which has thus far overseen all of the Marvel television shows, including both the 'Defenders' cabal on Netflix and ABC's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'