10 Best Dog Costumes for Halloween This Year

It's almost spooky season! That means it's time for all you dog-lovers out there to think of what you'll be dressing your pooch as this Halloween. If you're racking your brain for the perfect costume and looking for some inspo, here are 10 of the best and most creative dog costumes of 2018, according to Good Housekeeping

1. Lion

Have the most ferocious dog on the block with this lion costume! It's the perfect touch for a big dog (labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, even pit bulls), and even a cat (if you're into that...)​.

2. Cowboy

I guess technically for this costume, your dog could be the horse, but ​honestly, there's nothing cuter than seeing your pup running around with this tiny cowboy on its back!

3. Firefighter

​Fighting fires never looked so cute! 

4. Beanie Baby

A simple and cost-efficient way to dress up your dog is with a simple TyBeanie Babies tag. If you have some construction paper lying around, this is a quick and easy costume to make!

5. Hot Dog

Lookin' like a snack! This costume is simple and ideal for smaller dogs​, especially (and appropriately) dachshunds.

6. Yoda

​The force will be strong with your dog when it's dressed like a little Yoda. This costume is perfect for little wrongly-faced dogs like pugs!

7. Unicorn

​Your dog will bring an extra touch of magic to Halloween if you dress it up as a unicorn! This bright mystical costume is sure to be the talk of the town. 

8. Banana

​Simple, cute and nutritious! 

9. Stitch

Pull a little role reversal by having your dog dress up as Stitch, just like he dressed up as a dog in Lilo and Stitch!​

10. UPS Delivery Person

Walk around with the cutest delivery man in town when your dog's dressed as a UPS delivery person. Service with a smile!​