​For a notoriously private couple, Cole Sprouse has just shocked us by baring all of his Riverdale co-star and girlfriend, ​Lili Reinhart, on social media.

In honor of Lili's 22nd birthday today, we were kind of waiting all day to see what adorable boyfriend Cole would be posting (if anything) to his social pages. Last month, the Betty Cooper actress shared a photo of the Jughead Jones actor to Instagram in celebration of his 26th birthday, with Cole wearing a white tank and pointing at the camera. Totally sweet.

It seems Cole has taken the sexy route with his post for Lili, sharing a topless photo of the actress as she looks into her reflection in the mirror. Woah, talk about a hottie! She looks fantastic.

Of course, the blonde bombshell is covering her chest, but there's a significant amount of underboob showing. How totally scandalous! We love it.

"Both the birthday and the gift. My little muse, happy birthday my love," Cole wrote as his caption. Wow. Melting.

Now, we just can't help but wonder if Lili was channeling Betty's Southside Serpent initiation here. Are we too obsessed? Probably. You can catch both Lili and Cole when Riverdale returns for ​Season 3 Oct. 10.