5 Actors Who Could Replace Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU

Though no official statement has been made one way or another, it appears that Henry Cavill might be leaving the role of Superman in the DCEU films. According to reports, contract negotiations between Cavill's representatives and Warner Bros. broke down after the 'Justice League' actor wasn't able to cameo in 'Shazam!' due to a scheduling conflict.

Fortunately, the internet has stepped in to voice its opinion on who could potentially take Cavill's coveted spot in the DCEU. Of all the actors whose names have been put forth, here are the five who are probably the most realistic.

5. Oscar Isaac

This one feels like a no-brainer. Over the last few years, Oscar Isaac has gleefully proven his range as an actor in Hollywood like it was a hobby. His classic movie star good looks, intense performances, and smooth screen presence all make him a perfect candidate to fully embody the American icon on the big screen.

4. Armie Hammer

People have been trying to shove Armie Hammer into a superhero movie ever since he became a household name. The man just plain looks like a hero and has the action chops to match. This could very well be his opportunity to realize the dreams of his legions of fans and take on the mantle of the Man of Tomorrow. 

3. Brandon Routh

​Brandon Routh already had a turn as ​Superman in the underappreciated 'Superman Returns,' but he was playing what boiled down to an extension of the Christopher Reeves version of the character. If he were to replace Cavill, he could put his own spin on the hero while carrying over the classic feel of the Donner films, a magic Warner Bros. has been trying to recapture for the better part of 40 years.

2. Matt Bomer

​If Warner Bros. wants to replace Cavill but keep his aesthetic and acting style, then Matt Bomer will almost certainly be their go-to guy. Not only does the 'Magic Mike' actor bear and uncanny resemblance to Cavill, but he's already voiced Superman in an animated feature, giving him some experience with the role.

1. Michael B. Jordan

​Though it might infuriate the more traditional (read: racist) fans, Michael B. Jordan is apparently already being considered for ​Cavill's replacement. Jordan cut his teeth on superhero movies by playing the fan-favorite villain Killmonger in the smash-hit 'Black Panther' to critical acclaim and has also been regarded as one of the best young actors in the industry today. If Warner Bros. can get him in a cape, they will.