​While no official statement has been made by Warner Bros. studios or Henry Cavill's representatives, it's becoming increasingly apparent that the 'Man of Steel' and 'Justice League' actor i​s done​ playing the iconic role of Superman in the DCEU. Contract negotiations broke down between the parties after Cavill was unable to make a cameo in the upcoming 'Shazam!' film due to scheduling conflicts, and fans are sure he will never put on the red cape again.

Both Warner Bros. and Cavill's team have cryptically hinted that he may return to the role, but fans of the actor are already taking to social media to suggest that he snub the studio by doing a film for DC's rival and the kingpin apparent of the modern Hollywood blockbuster: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They're also speculating who the actor could play to best insult Warner Bros.

Since Disney, who owns Marvel Studios, has recently acquired the film rights to a slew of Marvel characters previously owned by Fox, if they were to bring ​Cavill into the fold he'd have his veritable pick of the litter. One popular suggestion is that he take on the role of Cyclops, the laser-eyed leader of the purchased X-Men.

Another theory being floated is that Cavill, an Englishman, could play Brian Braddock a.k.a. Captain Britain. It would be an opportunity for Cavill to play a heroic representation of his own nation as opposed to Superman, ​a purely American icon


Other ideas to get back at Warner Bros. include having Cavill portray either Hyperion or Sentry, both of which are Superman analogues in the Marvel comics. He'd essentially be playing a remarkably similar character in a far more successful franchise. 

People have also pointed out Cavill's slick hair and lean frame would make him perfect to play Namor, the Marvel version of Aquaman.

Other fan suggestions which have filtered through include Cavill as ​Wolverine, Wonder Man, Adam Warlock, Captain Ultra, and Mr. Fantastic.