8 'Office' Stars Who Became A-Listers

'The Office' was pretty much the perfect sitcom for the mid-2000s. Demonstrating the comedic potential of a realistically listless office, the show ran for seven great seasons and then two more that we don't like to talk about. And a massive part of its popularity came from the hilarious and wide cast that people fell in love with almost immediately. 

However, many years after the show's end, it's become clear which of the actors have the staying power required to make a career in Hollywood. Here's just a rundown of those who managed to cling onto the fame they gained from starring on the show.

8. Mindy Kaling

On top of starring on the show as the vapid Kelly Kapoor, Kaling was also a prominent member of the show's writing staff. Both positions brought her acclaim and her career is only continuing to rise. Apart from having her own shows and a few best-selling books, she's now casually making the difficult transition to action roles with 'Ocean's 8.'

7. Ed Helms

He may be one of the main reasons why the show eventually folded, but 'The Office' is undeniably the show that made Ed Helms a household name, and Andy Bernard's shrieking rants are probably what got him his 'Hangover' gigs.

6. Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson had a few small roles before 'The Office,' but it was there where his full comedic potential was revealed. He was a perfect straight-man foil and one of the more likable characters on the show, largely unwilling to put up with Michael's shenanigans. Since then, he's starred in films and shows, and even started his own smooth jazz and funk band.

5. David Koechner

He may have been a featured player on a season of 'Saturday Night Live' early in his career, but he only got minor, one-off roles until 2004 when he co-starred in the legendary 'Anchorman.' However, this too threatened to be a one-time deal until he was cast as the misogynist traveling paper salesman Todd Packer on 'The Office.' This recurrent role landed him many subsequent jobs.

4. Rashida Jones

She might have previously had big roles on 'Wanted' and 'Boston Public,' but if anyone remembers those shows, more power to them. For the rest of us, we'll remember being introduced to Rashida Jones when she was Karen Filippelli on 'The Office,' a role she followed up with a stellar run on 'Parks and Rec,' further endearing herself to us.

3. John Krasinski

​Jim's monologue at the series finale gave a fitting retrospective on the entire show, intercut with images of him over a decade previously in the first season. It was a satisfying goodbye, and it felt like actor ​John Krasinski shrugging off his comedic mantle. Since then, he's transformed himself into an action star and even directed a horror movie with his wife, Emily Blunt.

2. Ellie Kemper

​'The Office' was Ellie Kemper's first big role where she cut her teeth playing an oversized fish-out-of-water personality, which she later brought to her own show, 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.' On top of that, she's made a name for herself as a spectacular voice-over actress.

1. Steve Carell

​His real big break might have been 'Anchorman' or 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' but admit it, you can't even look at Steve Carell without thinking of your favorite Michael Scott quote. After leaving his role both as the head writer and lead actor on the show, Carell has tried his hand across Hollywood, including dramatic roles and producing entire shows by himself.