​The "snoot challenge" has taken social media by storm. Our timelines are filled with a new dog "snoot" almost everyday, and not only is it adorable to watch, but apparently it's good for the dogs too.

According to ​Business Insider, over 11,000 dogs have participated in this challenge since it began. The "snoot challenge" is when a person makes a closed shape, whether it be a triangle, circle or heart with their fingers (or in some cases their hands), and a dog sticks their snout through it, leaving their nose to poke out toward the camera.

​​Too cute!

​​Some dogs complete the challenge with ease, while others can't even be bothered to attempt it.

​​Some viewers of this challenge are worried that having your dog put their nose through such a small space can impair their breathing, but experts claim that having your dog complete the "snoot challenge" can be beneficial.

Undergoing the challenge can help ​dogs get used to people handling their faces, like at the vet, and can also train them to be comfortable with any potentially restrictive gear, like a muzzle or surgical cone.

According to Business Insider, as long as owners don't force their dogs who don't seem into it to do the challenge...

​​...and those who do it are gentle, their dogs should be just fine!