​Of all the characters on Netflix's smash hit 'Stranger Things,' everybody and their mother agrees that Barbara 'Barb' Holland, the earnest, bookish girl from Hawkins, Indiana, got the short end of the stick. She was a complete breakout character for the first few episodes of the first season, but ​was killed off very early in the show with no clear route for her to be resurrected. 

The death sparked a wave of internet backlash lifted by a the Twitter hashtag #justiceforbarb. The general consensus is that ​Barb could have easily added an extra dimension to the Hawkins crew beyond just being a martyr. It's a sentiment that her actress, Shannon Purser, agrees with wholeheartedly. She even crashed the 'Stranger Things' panel at Comic Con to ask the showrunners if Barb would be coming back.

In a recent interview with People, ​Purser elaborated on what kind of position Barb could have held on the team. "I feel like she would have been the kind of 'Velma' of the gang of teenagers," she said. "I feel like she would have been laying traps for the Demogorgon and figuring out what's actually going on in the town. She would have been that person."

She has a good point, as both Barb and Velma, the beloved frumpy nerd from 'Scooby-Doo,' share many character traits. Both have adorably antiquated fashion senses, wear thick glasses denoting their intelligence, are seemingly satisfied with their spot on the social hierarchy, and display great loyalty and devotion to their friends. Unfortunately, we'll never know how that would have worked out long-term.