Teen Mom 2 star ​Leah Messer just revealed a major bombshell about her new boyfriend. The 26-year-old reality star took to social media to share photos from beau Jason Jordan's birthday party, and an unexpected guest was in attendance!

Notice anything about the pic? "Birthday dinner for these crazy twin brothers," ​Leah wrote in her caption. Yep, TWIN BROTHERS!

Fans were shocked to learn Jason is a twin, especially since his girlfriend is is a mom to twins herself! “It’s cool how u have twins and ur dating a twin. I’m so happy for u and ur family, u deserve everything good in life!” one commented.

Others warned Leah if she has kids with Jason, she might have more twins! “Wooow! So he's a twin?! Better think hard about whether or not you'll have children! Yikes, could you imagine another set of twins,” one wrote.

It's so cool to find out more about Leah and Jason's low-key relationship. They're adorable.