The Kardashians faced the Wests on Family Feud for ​an episode which aired this past June, and although it turned out to be hilarious, the planning up to it was actually far from fun. In last night's ​episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the ladies began preparing to go on the game show, but things got seriously heated. ​

When deciding which family members would play the game, Kim inquired to sisters Kourtney, Khloé, and mom Kris, "Alright, so who's gonna be the team captain, is that me?" Khloe agreed, answering, "Kimberley."

However, Kourt was not too impressed. "This is your one life to walk this planet. Do you really want to spend your Saturday at Family Feud?" she asked.

"Guess what we would be doing on a Saturday? All separated," Khloé quickly shot back. "But now we're gonna be on a Saturday all together, building a memory."

The drama continued later on when Kim invited best friend Jonathan Cheban as a last minute addition to team Kardashian to make both sides even, after agreeing to join Kanye's family for team West. However, the move ultimately forced their grandma, MJ, out of the game.

Kim had already asked the self-proclaimed "Food God" to get on a plane and fly out for the occasion, but it still didn't seem fair for him to join. "Jonathan should not be on our team," Khloé said, obviously irritated. 

"I love my grandma obviously and in a perfect world, she should be on the team, for sure," Kim admitted to the camera. "But how do I break the news to Jonathan that he's not gonna play when he just got on the plane at the drop of a dime? I wouldn't waste someone's time like that."

There was no obvious answer for Kim, so she turned to mom Kris to sort it all out. "Kim created this and I have to clean it up," Kris told the camera. "Just another fire to put out."

Thankfully, Family Feud host Steve Harvey helped the family out and allowed MJ to partner with Kris, giving everyone the chance to play.

Team Kardashian took the victory on ​Family Feud, but at least the real-life drama on KUWTK was solved.