​Fans have been going crazy with new ​discoveries and theories about Avengers: Infinity War ever since its release. Amongst the theories that speculate about the Infinity Stones and their relationship with Asgard, one fan delves deeper to suggest that Odin actually collected all six Infinity Stones way before Thanos did.

According to Comic Book, the theory comes from Reddit user KRHeff and gives more detail about previous speculation that Odin was searching for all six Stones. KRHeff's theory claims that Odin made the sacrifice to obtain the Soul Stone when he banished Hela to Hel.


Once Odin had all six Stones, he used their power to bring peace to the Nine Realms before he scattered them again (until they were ultimately found by ​Thanos).

KRHeff's theory actually has some meat to it. As Comic Book highlights, fans have addressed the Gauntlet-looking thing in Odin's lair in Thor: Ragnarok which supports the theory, because Odin would've needed to use the real Gauntlet to use the Stones.


Additionally, another Reddit user reminded everyone of a different theory suggesting that the Soul Stone makes Thanos "nicer" or "more contemplative." This also makes sense in regard to how Odin shifted from more a aggressive, dominative outlook on the Nine Realms to ultimately bringing peace.

This theory brings in some interesting ties from past ​Marvel movies, but nevertheless, even if Odin had the stones, Thanos still found them again no problem and destroyed half of the universe, leaving all of us shook. 

Hopefully we'll see if any of these fan theories about the Infinity Stones come to fruition in Avengers 4 next year.