It's been about a month since Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima's ​split made headlines, as reports claimed the former was the one to initiate it, and photos of the latter all over another girl on vacation surfaced. It seemed the two were definitely over, and people were already rooting for Kourt to ​get back with Scott Disick.

However, we now have reason to believe Kourtney and Younes have secretly gotten back together... and there's photo evidence!

Last night, seemingly after Kourtney left Kendall Jenner's ​Labor Day ​party, she was spotted sitting with Younes in her Range Rover SUV as they headed to Bui sushi restaurant in Malibu, according to ​Daily Mail.

Reportedly, the pair did not dine inside the restaurant, but instead picked up take out food, feeding into suspicions even further. They clearly did not want to be seen.  After getting their dinner, the two went for a drive and reportedly sat in a parking lot watching the sunset. 

Later, they were seen in Calabasas getting In N Out Burger, again only at the Drive-Thru.

This is the first time Kourtney and Younes have been seen together since ​their split was made known last month. While this doesn't confirm they're back together, it certainly makes it seem so! Did you like the two together? We're not convinced Younes is good enough for her.