​After posting a photo of herself and her daughter ​North West on vacation in Miami, Kim Kardashian is being mom-shamed for letting her five-year-old wear a bikini.

This isn't the first time ​KKW has gotten heat for North's appearance. Mom-shamers hit hard in June when they saw how the 37-year-old reality let her daughter straighten her hair for her fifth birthday. 

In the photo in question for the latest controversy, North is wearing a neon yellow bikini top, and some commenters are just not happy about it.

​​Now, this may just seem like a sweet picture between mother and daughter, but many of ​Kim's Instagram followers thought the suit was inappropriate for someone so young. Some even accused Kim of sexualizing North by posting the photo on social media. 

According to Yahoo, some of the comments read:

“Why is your child showing that much skin? I get that [it’s] a swimsuit but c’mon.”

“Aren’t kids that age supposed to wear one-pieces. Just in terms of not letting your child be too grown. Like not letting them wear lipstick at that age either. It’s cute when they’re a baby but get a kid a one-piece. … It’s not Kim’s fault. She just doesn’t know.”


In the midst of all the mom-shaming, there were still some commenters who were quick to defend and support Kim, writing things like, "​Kim is with her daughter in a safe environment...Let the mom parent her kids and stop shaming moms."

We're sure Kim was just trying to share a sweet moment between her and her daughter. Let the haters hate!