Okay, so why is Taylor Swift posting videos of snakes, and why do people call her a snake? It really is all confusing. You have to go way back to figure it all out. So let's do this.

Taylor is known to create drama, whether from songs about her exes, or backlash in the media. From Kanye West to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Taylor has had her share of ​celebrity beef. With this, the hashtags #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty and #TaylorSwiftIsASnake began via Twitter.

The hashtag and the commenting of snake emojis on Taylor's social media accounts skyrocketed by Summer 2016. By then, she was deep in drama with ex Calvin Harris, and power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Taylor was in a deep feud with ex Calvin Harris, when she tried to reclaim credit for a song and make him look foolish. The hit 'This is What You Came For' by Calvin Harris and Rihanna, was actually written by Taylor, under an alias. She chose to stay private, but later took it back, conveniently after their relationship was over. 

Needless to say, Calvin Harris ​freaked out with a Twitter rant, which since has been erased. Taylor's actions spiked more usage of the snake emoji.

Next, Taylor was under fire for supposedly lying about her disapproval of Kanye West's 'Famous.' Taylor expressed anger towards Kanye's lyric "I made that b**ch famous," which is about her. However, Kim Kardashian ​leaked a phone call between Taylor and Kanye that proved the opposite. 

People were outraged, calling Taylor a liar, and yet again, a snake.

Kim Kardashian even tweeted, presumably about Taylor, on National Snake Day.

That's petty, even for her.

Overall, the nickname "snake" for Taylor has only been negative, but don't forget one major key to the story. The Chinese zodiac for 1989 is the Year of the Snake! Taylor was not only born in 1989, but that is the title of her last album.

Now, it seems like Taylor is accepting the nickname and even embracing it. Take a look at her last two postings on social media.


​​It seems obvious Taylor is fully taking on the role of the snake, but we must wait until Friday to know for sure. It is rumored that her new single ​will be released then. Here comes more drama!