​It's been rumored that the reason ​Rihanna and Donald Glover were seen spotted in Cuba together this month was due to the making of a secret project called ​"Guava Island." 

The shooting appears to be ongoing, but the singer took a break from Cuba and reunited with her family in her home island of Barbados this past weekend. The pop artist shared adorable photos with her parents on Instagram. 

The singer, who was comfortably at home sporting a no-makeup look, also posted a pic with just her father. 

Their resemblance is striking, we can see where the singer's good looks come from. 

​​Some on social media were very... open about their feelings for the pop star's father. 

It's great to see Rih with her parents, especially since it's been ​well-documented she did not have the greatest relationship with her dad growing up. 

Though we still have no details about the project she's shooting in Cuba, fans won't have to wait long to see Rihanna on the big screen. The singer will be the subject of a ​new documentary set for release this year.