​We know some of the Teen Mom girls can get a bit catty with one another, but Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans' most recent Twitter interaction might take the cake!

As Kail previously revealed this summer, she and ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin had hooked up after his relationship with Briana DeJesus ended. In a new reunion episode for Teen Mom 2, Javi ​confirmed it happened within the last six months, claiming it was after his appearance on Kail's podcast, Coffee Convos.

Co-star Jenelle decided to diss Kail for this decision, taking to social media in a since-deleted tweet saying, “Soooo try to make some other chick jealous by giving your body away again to your ex? Ew.” She also added the hashtags, "#EnoughSaid, #NoMorals, #NoStandards, and #JustAThought."

Within a few hours, Kail caught wind of Jenelle's shade, and also took to Twitter to call her out on it. "Awe, Jenelle’s trying to come for me again… that’s cute. What’s up boo?!," she wrote, tagging her castmate. 

“your man loves you so much he shared a photo of you spread-eagle for the world to see. Run along. @pbandjenelley_1,” Kailyn added, referring to a ​photo Jenelle's husband posted on Instagram, in which Jenelle sits in a bathing suit with her legs wide open.

“Someone with what? 5 engagements, multiple abortions, 20+ mugshots, doing drugs on national television, etc. can’t come for me. Have a great night," Kail savagely continued on.

Before ending her epic clapback, Kailyn concluded with, “And let me clarify, I always joke about being white trash myself. But when you’ve done all that, you cannot come for me. Period.”

Jenelle, expectedly, replied on Twitter, defending herself. “Just keep bringing up my past acting like it’s current. How many times are you going to repeat yourself? We all know my past," she wrote, adding, “I’ve changed and strive to continue that way…but others choose to remain raunchy. #RantOver."

While Kail and Jenelle were friends on Season 1 of Teen Mom 2, their relationship has been extremely rocky since then, and it doesn't look like they're mending it anytime soon!