There's just something about uncovering film secrets that's so satisfying, even years after the fact. That feeling has come again over two years since the release of ​Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, because director Zack Snyder ​revealed he was actually in the film!

Yesterday (Aug. 22), Snyder confirmed he read lines for one of the henchmen in ​Bruce Wayne's "Knightmare" sequence, after a Reddit user said he was 95 percent sure the voice was Snyder's.

"'Yeah we got it.' Zack, I am 95% sure you read these lines, the voice is just too similar," the user wrote.


 "Got me," Snyder responded to the post.

The sequence is a dream where Batman is lured into a trap and ultimately is lead to ​SupermanThe henchman whose voice is dubbed by Snyder's is the person at the center of Batman's capture.

Since Snyder's lines were so brief in the midst of everything else going on in the sequence, it's not unbelievable that his cameo went unnoticed for so long, but leave it to a die-hard fan to make even the tiniest discoveries.