​We all know that Marvel fans have a ​keen eye for all things Avengers: Infinity War, and this fan's Disneyland discovery is no exception. 

Infinity War Easter Eggs have been popping up at Disneyland, and one fan recently discovered a "newspaper" dispenser in the park that referenced events of both Infinity War and Black Panther

According to Comic Book, this Easter Egg is one of the first to be found at Disneyland. 


Reddit user, Ford117, shared a photo of the discovery, which is of The Daily Bugle (the publication Peter Parker works for). The headline reads "'O' No They Didn't! Iron Man, Spider-Man Seen Fighting Alien Foes."

The cover photo is a shot of Ebony Maw's ship over New York City, just like ​in Infinity War

The Black Panther reference comes in with the three stories listed at the top of the paper. The first, "Wakanda Joins Global Stage: How the Nations Reacted," is referring to the mid-credits scene of the film when King T'Challa opened Wakanda up to the rest of the world, hence the clever headline.


The second story entitled, "Princess Shuri at Coachella: Fierce Royal Fashions Seen," and third, "Vibranium, Miracle Metal? What the Future May Bring," touch upon the attitude and status of Princess Shuri and the trisection of Vibranium to the media respectively. 

We can't wait to see what other ​Easter Eg​gs are discovered soon!