Episode 6 of Season 7 had some epic scenes that included the killing of hundreds of White Walkers, Viserion​ getting impaled by an ice spear and oh..a white walker bear and dragon!

We know production of Game of Thrones is not easy and there is a lot of time and effort that goes into each episode to create the amazing scenes in the show. 

Some of the production and prop set work in Episode 6 was truly amazing, specially with the white walker bear:

The fact that they used actual fire to create the flame effects is scary yet pretty cool to say the least. The acting was spot on during this scene and really produced an amazing shot.

Now some of the production has been incredible and so has the acting, but others have been more lackadaisical and out right hilarious:

Beric Dondarrion clearly didn't care he was on his last life during this shoot and it showed in this amusing clip from production.

All in all, the cinematography this season has been breathtaking with the acting and also the CGI. Season 8 should be as good if not better so get ready for some phenomenal scenes.