​Spider-Man star, ​Tom Holland, has quite the impressive skillset when it comes to doing stunts. Even though he claims to do all of his own, his most recent Instagram video playfully shows that's not always the case.

Earlier this week, Holland posted a video while on the set of Spider Man: Far From Home, during which he's asking fans to donate to the link in his bio to support ​The Brothers Trust, a foundation which raises awareness to smaller charities in need. 

He explains that one lucky fan who donates will be flown out to the set to watch him do some stunts.

Simultaneously as Holland is calling for donations and claiming he does his own stunts, in the background you can see his double preparing for a stunt sequence.

After Holland explains everything about the trust, you can hear a countdown, and then his stunt double is washed away by a massive wave that takes him completely out of frame.   

The video is captioned, "I do all my own stunts head to the link in my bio to find out how YOU could be hanging out with me on set and watching ME do all ​my own stunts @gregtownley @georgejcottle you guys are legends #thebrotherstrust #spidermanfarfromhome." 

If you've ever seen a Spider Man movie, you know just how intense a lot of those stunts are, so even though Holland admittedly doesn't do every single one of them, he's still amazing at the role. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to hit theaters next July, and we can't wait to see how this scene comes to life in the film.