​As Game of Thrones inexplicably pulls Sansa and Arya apart, it's making fans wonder what could possibly be going on. 

Arya and Sansa are being manipulated by Littlefinger and it makes no sense that neither of them would realize that. Arya's hostility comes as such a surprise and some fans have decided there has to be a reason for it.

​Redditor ricatta came up with a theory that not only explains everything, it's so insane and perfect, we desperately want it to be true. The TL:DR version: Arya will kill Littlefinger and wear his face.

Best of all, it's not just wishful fan conjecture. There's evidence it could actually happen. Take the sisters' conversation after Sansa discovers the bag of faces. Arya suggests they play the "Game of Faces" where Sansa must try to present a lie as the truth. 

Now, think back to their previous conversations and all the inconsistencies in Arya's memory; all the accusations Arya hurled at Sansa out of nowhere. Arya's been playing the Game of Faces the entire time. She knows Littlefinger is trying to drive them apart, she just needed to know whose side Sansa is actually on.

Arya Game of Faces

At the end of their last scene together, Arya hands the dagger to Sansa, with the blade pointed at herself. It's a sign of trust. It also comes right after Arya tells Sansa she can impersonate anyone by wearing their face. Knowing Littlefinger is key to keeping the Knights of the Vale around, Sansa and Arya can't just kill Littlefinger.

Starting to put two and two together? There's a simple solution: Sansa, with the dagger Arya gave her, kills Littlefinger and wears his face in order to keep the Knights of the Vale around.

Not only would it be hilarious to see Arya masquerade around Winterfell as Littlefinger (particularly when Jon gets back), it would fix a ton of problems fans are having with Arya's writing this season. The inconsistencies in her memory, her seemingly out-of-nowhere outbursts, all a ploy to figure out what's really going on with Sansa and keep Littlefinger unaware of her true plan.

How likely any of this is, we won't find out until this Sunday's season finale. All we know for sure: We've never wanted to see anything more in our lives.