​Once we were over the initial shock hearing the news Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima had ​split after nearly two years, the question on all of our minds was obvious... would something start again with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick? While he's ​been dating Sofia Richie, we wouldn't be surprised if they conveniently broke up as well.

According to ​E!, Scott is happy about Kourt's breakup (shocker!), and apparently never liked Younes. Yeah, we could've guessed that. Although he's happy with Sofia, he's also happy Kourtney and Younes are done. Hm...

And for Kylie Jenner's birthday party last night, Scott and Kourtney were spotted out together for the first time since the latter's breakup. And shocker again! They were videoed sitting next to each other. We wonder what they were talking about...

While this video above doesn't even feature them interacting in the slightest, the fact that they were seated next to each other is very telling. And to make matters even more suspicious, Khloé posted a similar Snapchat video of the exes, with the very blunt caption: "A girl can dream." SAME, KHLOE, SAME!

Many fans have taken to social media to express their excitement at the two together, all in hopes this means something bigger.

One said "the world is dreaming with" Khloé, attaching a screenshot of her Snapchat video.

Another also referenced Khloé's video, saying all of the fans are rooting for Kourt and Scott. I mean... it's true!

A third took the opportunity to warn Sofia of what could be brewing!

It seems almost everyone is rooting for Kourt and Scott to get back together... everyone except maybe the couple in question. All we can do is hope the stars align and these two cuties find their way back to each other! Whatever's meant to be, will be.