​In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, actress Ruby Rose got emotional while discussing her recent casting as the DC superhero ​Batwoman in the upcoming seasons of the CW's lauded Arrowverse shows. Rose described in the session that she learned she'd been cast only an hour before attending the red carpet premiere of her new shark-thriller movie 'The Meg.' 

"I was so nervous during the red carpet that I basically skipped everybody. I kept spontaneously crying," she confessed. "I kept thinking about, 'What are they going to say?' Because they always say, 'What do you have planned next?' I thought 'either I'm going put my foot in it and accidentally say something, or I'm going to just start crying.'"

The ​Aussie actress said she is thrilled with the role for multiple reasons, but primarily because it gives her an opportunity to represent her sexual orientation for future generations. "The reason I kept getting so emotional is because growing up, watching TV, I never saw somebody on TV I could identify with—let alone a superhero," she stated.


Rose came out as a lesbian at a young age, and as gender-fluid later in life. Her character, Kate Kane/Batwoman, was one of the first openly gay comic book characters to take a leading role in a major publication, and is the highest-profile gay character in ​DC comics. Ironically, Batwoman was first introduced as a love interest to Batman to contradict allegations of his homosexuality stemming from the divisive 'Seduction of the Innocent.'