With all of the recent updates about his sisters, Rob Kardashian was starting to suffer from forgotten middle child syndrome. But no worries, momager extraordinaire ​Kris Jenner just gave us an update about Rob's health, and it's good news!

Rob was seen looking both happier and slimmer while celebrating his birthday in March.

And according to Us Weekly, Kris said, ​“Rob is good. He’s doing better and better. He’s working on his health and learning more and more about what it’s like to live with kind of the leftovers of the diabetes that he struggles with from time to time, and working on his, you know, just your nutrition and your health.”

She went on to say that Rob learns more about health everyday, and is getting better at understanding how it all works. 

Jenner also said she's been reading about nutrition and health because her mom and cousin have been recently struggling with nutritional issues, stating, "It’s all very interesting. I feel like our body is just one big scientific experiment.”

Rob, on the other hand, gained over 100 pounds in 2015, and other than on Rob & Chyna, a show he filmed with his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna, he hasn't been seen much on camera nor in the public eye. 


Even though Rob has been feeling and looking better, Kris told Us Weekly that we probably won't be seeing much of Rob in Season 15 of ​Keeping Up with the Kardashians“I think we’ll probably see Rob more in [season] 16 than in 15," she revealed.

“I just think that there was so much going on with everybody else and having babies...it was so crazy that we would take off and go to Cleveland and like, we had all the crews were over here, all the crews were over there, and Rob was doing his own thing,” Kris said.

Rob and Blac Chyna have a daughter, Dream, and Jenner gushed about what a great father Rob is, saying, "He’s been such a great dad. I mean, his whole world, the sun rises and sets on Dream."


We're so happy to hear about Rob's fitness progress, and hopefully we'll see more of him soon on ​KUWTK!