​In a move that fans have seen coming for some time, Disney has announced that, starting with '​Captain Marvel,' it will no longer release its Marvel films on Netflix. Disney has put out several Marvel movies on the streaming service for a number of years and has even produced a series of original shows based in the cinematic universe. 

But with the announcement that Disney was developing its own steaming platform, it became only a matter of time before they started transitioning their ​Marvel Cinematic Universe to their home turf. They will also start doing the same for their 'Star Wars' movies and animated features.


While not officially announced, it's presumed that Disney will slowly phase out the films they already have on ​Netflix by simply not renewing their various licensing contracts with the platform in the future. Concerning the original shows Disney produces on the service, a Disney spokeswoman has stated there are "no current plans" to remove them at this time. 

Disney has stated previously it is not trying to compete with Netflix with its new streaming service, but the removal of most of its Disney content is a huge blow to the platform, which could cost it a large number of subscribers and potentially millions of dollars. 'Ant-Man and the Wasp,' currently still in theaters, will be the last Marvel film to get a Netflix release.