​Tristan Thompson is attempting his hardest to get back on ​Khloé Kardashian's positive side, and he seems to not care how desperate it appears.

Thompson's mission for forgiveness after his ​infamous cheating scandal has found its way to Instagram, where he is leaving cute comments on Kardashian's posts. 

It began last week when TV personality posted a photo of a beach with the caption, "Take me please." Thompson was quick to reply to the post.

​​The comment led to Thompson being ​roasted hard by fans, but does that mean the NBA star is going to stop? Absolutely not, because as the saying goes, "Shooters shoot."

This time, his comment on Kardashian's new selfie sounded more desperate. 

​​Just like with the prior comment, fans have swarmed Thompson with replies on how he should fulfill his girlfriend's request. 

Here are some songs fans suggested the athlete should sing: "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy, "He Wasn't Man Enough" by Toni Braxton, "Unfaithful" by ​Rihanna, and one user commented he should just go ahead and sing ​Beyoncé's entire Lemonade album. 

We're glad everyone can have some fun with Thompson's attempt at getting on the good side of the mother of his daughter, but we should respect Khloé's choice thus far of forgiving Thompson.