​A continuous shadow that has hovered over ​Nicki Minaj's career has been her brother's criminal history, which includes a 2015 charge and a ​2017 guilty sentence for predatory sexual assault of his 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Minaj has been ​heavily criticized for years for not only never publicly commenting on her brother, Jelani, and his disgusting acts, but also for posting a photo with him at a public outing shortly after he was bailed out of jail from his initial arrest in 2015. 

The rapper also ​visited her brother in jail after he was convicted last November, which drew a ton of controversy. 

If Minaj was expecting the issue to somehow go away, she should not look at her mother for help.

Carol Maraj, Nicki's mom, announced on Twitter this past weekend that she will share some "shocking news" in an interview airing tonight. 

Minaj's fans are displeased with her mom's decision to do a tell-all interview.

​​The interview--regardless of substance--is sure to receive negative publicity as Minaj prepares to release her album, Queen, on Aug. 17.

​​The ​criticism toward Minaj was not helped last month when she released a song with rapper 6ix9ine, who was ​charged with three counts of using a child in a sexual performance.

This entire ordeal is a mess, but we just hope Minaj can finally denounce her brother's actions, and quit working with artists with abusive pasts.